Friday, April 15, 2011

Extreme Makeover Backyard Addition!

So the first thing I told our realtor when we were house shopping was I had to have a pool! I am a summer baby and a teacher I live for laying out lounging by the pool soaking up rays all summer! Once that was crossed off the list the number 2 biggest priority was a big enough yard for sweet Gucci boy to do his business in!

So once we found our dream house with the best backyard possible we were sold. There was only a few small issues!

I appoligize for the side ways picture but if you turn your head you will see the side "yard"! Yes it was all concrete! Also the wonderful former owners had concreted in the lovely trees growing into the hot tub!

So step number one remove the trees! Sorry I know trees are beautiful, but I payed for a backyard so I can get a tan and get into my hot tub! next step jackhammer the concerete!
Obviously Rustin was very excited to start this! It was an all day event of breaking and picking up concrete! Following that the next weekend was putting down dirt and sod.

TADA! A grassy area for Gucci to handle all of his business! He will be so excited! So after taking down the trees, getting rid of the concrete, and adding lots of grass came the pool! The pool needed a little TLC so first we retitled it with some bright blue tiles.

After the pool tiles they replastered and smoothed out the bottom! And finally on Saturday after doing a few moving things I will be relaxing in my new favorite place!
Bring on the SUMMER HEAT!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disney Dream

This is what we will be boarding in 247 days! The new Disney Dream with my wonderful husband and our great friends Amy and TJ! We are all so excited! We are headed on a 4 night cruise around the Bahama's and once we are finished we will be spending 4 nights in the happiest place on earth! We will be spending Christmas there with our friends and hopefully see the Disney Christmas parade! :) OMG I am so excited!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm a big kid now!

It is offical we are GROWN-UPS! I don't know when or how this happened! Since we are now grown-ups we did what grown-ups do and we got a house! Oh HAPPY DAY! I can't wait to move in all our stuff!

Plenty of fun parties to come this summer! :)