Monday, November 1, 2010

How the Midwest was FUN!

This past weekend we headed up to Chicago and St. Louis for an amazing couples fall wedding! We started off in Chicago on Thursday and hit every major tourist spot! We love being the typical tourist and Rustin is a good sport with stopping to take as many pictures as I want.
Day 1 was Miracle Mile shopping, Navy Pier, and Millenium Park. We ended that evening with deep dish pizza and meeting up with my best friend from middle school who just moved up to the city last year. We had a great time with Kelly and Chris and some great pizza!

Day 2 we went to the Sears tower up to the 103 floor! I am not a huge fan of heights so Rustin was very proud of me for going to the top. Scary stuff! After that we got on the L train and went to the famous Wrigley field! Rustin was very excited to see such a great baseball landmark! :) That night we caught a flight to St. Louis and had a beautiful dinner at the top of our hotel in a spinning restaurant! Super fun and great views of STL!

Day 3 was wedding day! We headed out the Alton, Illinois in the country for a beautiful fall wedding. I have never seen such amazing colors! We def miss out on the fall in Texas and seeing all the pretty trees was so exciting. The wedding was awesome and we were so happy for Cara and Mark! We had a great time at the reception partying with all of our friends!

Day 4 we had a few hours before we had to head home so we went to the St. Louis arch. Rustin and I rode up to the top in the tiny car and got some great views of the Mississippi river and the city. After the arch and lots of pictures we headed to the Budweiser factory. They have a great free tour to see how everything works and it ends in the tasting room with two free drinks! Rustin was VERY excited about this part of the trip. After the tour we swung back to the city to pick up the newlyweds and headed to the airport. We were on the same flight as the bride and groom so we had lots of fun killing time in the airport. Flying on Halloween was exciting as well due to lots of dressed up people and a free drink on the plane!

All in all we had a great time in the midwest. We will def be heading back to Chicago sometime in the summer to enjoy a Cubs game! Many blessings to the new Mr. and Mrs. Abide! We love yall!

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